Posts in this category are intended to provide information on the technologies, mostly old technology, that were used to create the processors, imagery and sound. I should be excused if I include personal memories around the hardware and it’s construction; it is done as an attempt to provide history as well as the pure technology. I apologize in advance for my poor hand at drawing schematics, my scribbles were originally only intended for my eyes.

Many of of the chips used to create the early image processing tools are outdated which limits the usefulness of these schematics.

I seem to have a small repository of schematics as Rich Brewster left me with most of his own documentation including the work he did for the ETC (I have some of the originals to what is also in the ETC archive). I also have what I documented working with David Jones and others. As I might become overwhelmed by the time it takes to scan the paper, this process might be slow.

However obsolete, I will only post schematics for those circuits that are in the public domain or for which I have permission to post which for now will not include any Jones modules.

early Jones ETC keyer w/ schematics

This was an early Dave Jones keyer. Rich Brewster documented and built it. We referred to this as the black box keyer because it was in a black box. This keyer moved around a bit, at times it was at the center, at times it was at Ralph's studio. I first used this keyer as a student working at the ETC in the converted photo lab studio (at that point the Center was still on Court Street in Binghamton). Years later when I was working for the TV center I lobbied to install it back into the ETC studio.