Twist and Twist part 2

Twist and Twist part 2

This material was created at a Signal Culture residency in 2015. This is an odd piece as throughout most of this Signal Culture residency, I kept up a core patch, making small incremental changes and recording long segments in real time playing the knobs performance like. The first piece shown here, Twist, is 6:01 and yet comes from a larger stash of work. A good amount of this was recorded with wall works in mind rather than a single channel piece, like what you see here. Tools used include: The Jones Colorizer, a Hearn Video Lab, shapes and sound came from 3 racks of analog synths I brought with me. The Wobulator, the Jones MVIP, and a Signal Culture Max patch were user to create the background.



My original edit of Twist included the cut that follows as well. I had second thoughts about the length of the work, and how different it became halfway though, so I cut it into two different pieces. Here is Twist part 2. This cut draws exclusively from take #64 of the 2015 Signal Culture session. Take #64 was 7:14 long so at 5:11, most of that take is present here, there are only 3 cuts. The Rutt Etra layer was created in November 2017 at my studio.



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