A couple of years ago I made this game to experiment with creating an iPhone game within the Flash IDE. This was directly after Apple determined that native compiles would indeed be allowed from Flash. I was initially disappointed with the performance, and I went in other directions, but AS3 is really a great platform and continues to draw me back. There I said it. I will eventually recompile this using windowmode direct which didn't exist at the time, and see how that improves performance. Here it is on a PC as a swf. Performance of course is of no issue here.

Jones Frame Buffer Prototype

While working for the Experimental Television Center I built the first four Jones Frame Buffers with David. Pictured here is the one I built for myself. The first few buffers where built into the same card racks that were ubiquitous at the ETC at that time, later David rewired most of the buffers into newer larger boxes. This one might be the only one that stayed in the old rack.


When I was last in Berlin Ilan Kitan introduced my wife and I to Mathias Fritz. Mathias is part of a team who mixes art and corporate mapping installation projects and in the process they developed the Tagtool, which they made available as a DIY project. Mathias had his Tagtool Mini with him and the four us played for a while. A very fun tool, it made an impression so I decided to build one. If nothing else it's a great video tool for the kids to play with.