Collaborations with Andy Manndorff

Collaborations with Andy Manndorff

This clip is an October 1991 jam with Andy Manndorff. Recorded in my studio in Brooklyn, this is the second of a group of 3 real time clips. In these videos Andy played guitar live while watching the video. Maybe I made some changes but likely very few here. There was no post production, no editing. Manndorff writes, "I remember trying to translate the sounds that came from the patch into a sort of tonality with a "bluesy" kind of touch...."

This is another collaboration with Andy Manndorff that took place in December 2010. Again all in real time. The image patches were thrown in quickly. This one uses the Rutt/Etra in the front-most layer. Clemens Wenger, who was in town with Andy for a recording session was also there and provided additional audio synth work.

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