Posts for this category are about the video work. My image processed video work are serial constructions that are produced with custom built analog and digital processors. Each section is a synthesized real time recording where sound and image are parallel electronic structures which are mutually controlled by predetermined waveshapes.

Most often, periodic wave forms (the basic analog elements generated with oscillators) are used as image source. The essential structure of these wave forms, a periodic change over time that defines a shape (sine, triangle, ramp, etc.), belongs to a class of primordial rhythmic experiences. They participate in, and express, the natural and physical ordering principles of our environment.

A couple of years back I began a process of digitizing original 3/4″ recordings from the 80′s and re-cutting the material to conform to the original edits in Final Cut. Some material seems to be irretrievable though most of it was saved, even if it had a good deal of drop out. The video on the work page were digitized using DVlabs compression, which is high quality than vimeo or youtube.


Insomnia was recorded at the Experimental Television Center in three sessions in March, August, and September of 1984. There was another session in May none of the work of which was used. This came on the heals of Bug Eyed Ramrod. The two pieces used similar methods and both employed the CAT fame buffer (this is prior to building the Jones frame buffer).